Five Friday Favorites

TGIF – the stressful days are over, it’s time to take a break and get ready for the weekend. There are a lot of things to love about Fridays. For those loose end-of-the-week-vibes, you want your outfit to be easy and chic at the same time. Maybe you are about to catch up with your friends after work or you just want to feel good in your clothes because – it’s Friday! Those five favorites will increase your good mood right away.

1. The Biker Jacket

It’s a classic allrounder. There are endless variations to style your biker jacket. This is why you can match it with your everyday look which you may be wearing to school or to the office but also with your evening outfit. Either way, it will give your ensemble a casual touch. This effortless style is definitely how you want your Friday outfit to look like.

2. Comfy Trousers

Apparently, comfy doesn’t automatically mean sweatpants. For a mix of elegance and coziness, go for some culottes. They have been on the fashion radar for quite a long time. There are also good reasons for keeping the trend on track: culottes are cool, nice to wear and they are totally versatile. Which means there is no reason to not wear them on Fridays.

3. Fabulous Shoes

Shoes say a lot about your outfit. Sneakers are for a sporty attitude; heels are more glam. Both styles are possible for the end of the week but if you are sticking to those culottes, some heeled (over the knee) boots will elongate your legs and give you a lean silhouette. Moreover, they are the perfect choice if you are headed to a little after-work-party.

4. The Glam Piece

As black is the timeless, it’s totally fine to stick to an all over look in the simple color. However, for that perfect Friday feeling, just add in a sparkling piece. What about a silver top for example? It’s not too extravagant but a nice decent eye-catcher.

5. Sunglasses

With those spring feelings in the air, the days are getting longer and the sun is shining brighter. This means: Never leave your house without your sunnies. First of all, they are lovely accessories. Secondly, you will be happy about them if you enjoy some time in the Friday sun.

Ultimately, those five favorites also work for all other weekdays. Nevertheless, those easy picks should inspire you to make your end of the week a great one. What are your plans for this Fri-Yay?

Outfit details: 

Biker jacket ZARA / Culottes DR. DENIM / Silver top ZARA / Over the knee boots ASOS / Sunglasses SILHOUETTE EYEWEAR

Photographed by Judith