Outfit: Instagram Facts feat. #OOTD

Over 800 million users and 4.2 billion likes for the 95 million posts per day. Instagram started as a cute idea for picture sharing and has now become one of the most powerful platforms worldwide. Since Facebook bought the company in 2012 – for one billion US dollars by the way – a lot of things like algorithms and features have been renewed. However, those changes happen quite slowly. You could even compare it to your wardrobe, which starts to be more and more fall-ish.

Transparency vs. Bots

They are sneaked into some of the captions of various influencers on Instagram – hashtags like #ad or #collab should guarantee more transparency regarding blogger-collaborations. Like this, it is gradually getting clearer whether a post has been shared in relation to a paid partnership or with the simple intention to show an outfit of the day (#ootd), a delicious looking food picture (#foodgram) or funny throwback (#tb). Moreover, Instagram released its newest feature some weeks ago: an indication of the collaborating brand above the picture (where the location appears as well). Of course, this extension has to be approved from both sides (influencer and brand) first. So while Instagram does everything to keep the business “true” and organized, it seems that the opposite pole plays its game even harder. There is talk of the bot market, which should generate more followers, likes and comments. Several companies actually call it their business to provide cyber-bots for other Instagram users. Once getting such a “unique” offer (yes, they call it like that), the question is whether you want to sell your personality in change for some additional likes. Just keep in mind that due to the transformations of Instagram, those “fake” accounts will be deleted anyway.

Do your own Thing

This sentence may be pretty stale by now but for the social media case, it’s definitely more than true: “Be yourself.” There is a huge amount of folks out there who wants to show their style, food or holidays to the Instagram community. You can find over 15 million business profiles, which means at least those users want to increase their followers and engagement. If you belong to them, let’s face it: It’s pretty hard to stick out of more than half a billion of people considering you only have a feed of 3x3 pictures which makes the first impression. Nevertheless, it is possible. The whole journey may take time, but there is a good reason to put a lot of effort into it. Ultimately, this process makes you believe in your personality and values. And it’s much more worth it to show your posts to a relatively small but real community instead of a thousand of bought bots. Honesty will pay off for sure.

Slowly but Surely

Just like Instagram is renewing itself one step at a time, those fall vibes can be felt a bit more every day. As the temperatures are still around 20 degrees (at least in Switzerland and Germany), it’s all about mixing some last summer picks with seasonal fall pieces. Who doesn’t want to wear those favorite sandals one more time? Combined with some comfy culottes and a long-sleeve crop top, they make the perfect outfit to slowly but surely transition into fall. Also, this weather is your best friend when it comes to shoot some great pictures for Instagram – let’s inspire some of the 800 million users out there!

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Text by Carmen

Photographed by Elli Fot – Instagram @gazellelli

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