Friends, familiar faces and strangers. Getting along with unknown folks is just as important as spending time with the beloved ones. Sometimes, those moments turn out much better than expected. Just like a mix of colors can be more interesting than a monochrome version only.

There are those things, which are always modern: The striped top, the denim jacket and the wristwatch are three of them. The reason why those classics are timeless until today is not because they are old and well known. Instead, they make you feel comfortable in stressful times. However, this works only if you are aware of the present. The easiest way to get there is pretty easy: Just consult the watch.

Imagine you had to plan your life 200 days ahead. A lot of things can happen during such an amount of time. Being part of the Maison Mollerus Tate program means you are wearing your bag for at least 12’000 hours. At a first glimpse, this sounds very long. However, having a trusty accessory by your side can make you realize more than expected.

t’s that time of the year again: with this Easter weekend going on, the huge music festival Coachella has started. While the happy folks in Palm Springs are enjoying some live music under the Californian sun, ‘nochella-people’ are hunting Easter eggs and eat some extra chocolates. Even though those two events may appear totally different, they have a lot in common – especially the outfits kind of spread the same vibe.