Davos in Summer

Hey my Sweets!

As I said in my previous post, I was staying in Davos. Now, I’m back home again 🙁 Buuut it was so great and I did some things I normally don’t do very much. For example hiking – really I’m not the ‘let’s-go-into-the-woods-girl’. So sometimes you just have to try something out, am I right?

Davos is such a lovely little city situated in the mountains of beautiful Switzerland. I usually go there in the winter but for skiing of course 😉 So it was kind of weird seeing the whole landscape in green and not all covered in white.

I was staying in the Steigenberger Belvédère Hotel and I was so content with everything. Really they’re all so nice and friendly there. One of my favorite spots for lunch or just for drinking a coffee or whatever you’re up to is ‘Kaffiklatsch’ (yes it’s a very swiss word and it means something like ‘coffe gossiping’). I promise you, they have so yummy things, it’s all homemade and only with the best ingredients.

Not to forget my loves are the shops in cute Davos. You can find stores like H&M or the more expensive ones like JetSet, Bally or Bogner. But you really can go shopping and it’s not like other mountain villages where you only have like one shop who sells cheese and chocolate (of course you can buy that too).

Another thing to do in Davos is going on the Jakobshorn where you have such an amazing view! More about this little trip you can find in my previous post ‘Braidy-Mountain-Look’. Then, another pretty cool place to go is the ‘Schatzalp’. You only get there with a special rack railway or you walk. My family and I decided to take the railway for going up and after having lunch we walked back down into the valley. Of course my little doggy loved the stroll 🙂

Below I shared with you guys some snaps I took during my stay in Davos.

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On the terrace of the hotel – Shirt and trousers Zara / Shoes Max Shoes


On the ‘Schatzalp’ – Shirt Zara / Jacket H&M / Bag Mollerus



On my stroll back to the valley
On my stroll back to the valley


Little bee doing her thing :)
Little bee doing her thing 🙂


My boo loved the walk
My boo loved the walk


Coco Iced Coffee at 'Kaffiklatsch' - so good!
Coco Iced Coffee at ‘Kaffiklatsch’ – so good!


View from the Jakobshorn – all and all in green.. different but also very nice 🙂


When you're happy just jump!
If you’re happy just jump!