Beautiful Zurich

A wonderful day to you all out there 🙂

Yesterday, my friend and me had a wonderful evening in Zurich. The weather was perfect and we could sit outside the whole time. I just love those chilly summer nights when you can talk with your friends all night long!

Now, I realized that I haven’t posted anything about Zurich yet! Actually, I don’t know why but better late than never right 😉 ? There is so much to tell you guys about Zurich. When you someday don’t know where to go for your holidays.. well maybe this won’t happen ever buut then – go to Zurich 😉

Alright, first I wanna tell you about the shops and all the shopping possibilities. There’s a wide range from the everywhere-stores like Zara, H&M, Mango and so on. Further you have the more expensive ones like Tiffany & Co., Louis Vuitton and Chanel. Then you also have the cute little stores which only sell selected pieces or vintage stuff. I love to go shopping in there because not everyone has these clothes 🙂

Well, you won’t only go shopping I think (even though there are plenty enough stores to choose from) and that’s why I want to tell you guys also something about good-eating-places. I think you can find pretty much everything regarding the different tastes. Let’s start with the Italian food lovers. I think one of the best Italian restaurants are Santa Lucia (there are few) or Positano – both have great pasta and pizza!

If you guys out there are vegetarians like me then you’ll have to go to Hiltl! It’s absolutely amazing! You can either choose from a great buffet or you can eat à la carte. Actually you should also go there if you aren’t vegetarian. It’s just too good to miss! Plus, the Hiltl restaurant turns into a great club at night. So if you wanna have some party it’s a perfect place to go 😉

There are so many other good restaurants, I think I could go on forever.. But a last one I have to tell you. I love sushi and the absolute best place for it is Yooji’s Sushi Deli (they’ve about five restaurants in Zurich). I’m sure you’ll be veeery content 😉

Alright, I also wanna tell you something about the attractions. One thing I like the most about Zurich is the lake. It just gives the city an incredible atmosphere and there are some great places to go for a swim on hot summer days. Another place I really like is a little bit outside of the main city and it’s called ‘Hardbrücke’. There, you can find a great shopping archway, cute cafés – one of my favorites is Frau Gerold’s Garten – and there are some popular night clubs too. Also, you can find the Prime Tower. It’s the highest tower of Switzerland and it contains also a fantastic restaurant (the Clouds – be sure to make an early reservation – and a bar where you have an incredible view).

I think, that’s it for the moment. I’ll soon share some other tips for sure:) Below you can see some snaps from yesterday’s evening.

Thank you for checking out my article. Take care!

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