Choose Happiness


Happy Friday my Loves,

I hope you’ve had a good week so far! Maybe some of you have been reading my blog before and you’ve already noticed that I am a very positive person (that’s also why my blog is called carmitive). You know, actually I don’t only want to post my outfits or nice celeberties just because I think it’s nice. I really want to show you guys my way of life and what I think.

Once, a very wise man sad:

Happiness is the secret to all beauty. There is no beauty without happiness. – Christian Dior

And I think he said something really important. All over the world everyone always wants to be good-looking and it’s all about clothes and new trends. But I think as long as you’re not happy you’ll never be beautiful. You don’t need all these expensive dresses and shoes – of course they’re nice but they don’t define your beauty.  So when you read my posts about fashion and new trends always remember that they’re not worth it when your unhappy.

So why not giving this weekend a chance for a good resolution. Try to embrace your day and just be happy. Maybe it’s not anything how you’ve planned it but maybe it’s even better and you just can’t see it. I think, everything happens for a good reason and sometimes you understand it, sometimes you don’t. However, just be glad to be alive and try to enjoy every moment.

Down below you can see some pictures of yesterday’s shoot. There was an amazing atmosphere and I was really happy to be out there and relish the evening.

I wish you all an awesome weekend my loves! Don’t forget to stay happy 🙂

Love, Carmen ????










I was wearing:

Top Zara / Shorts Hollister / Shoes Steve Madden / Watch Marc Jacobs / Silver Bracelet and Necklaces Tiffany & Co. / Black Bracelet Swarovski / Bracelet with Pearls Thomas Sabo

Photos by Raffaela Arnold