Feel Good

Hi Lovies

As I told you in my previous post (Cheers to Stripes), I recently had a great shoot with my friend. Now, in this part, I was wearing a rather elegant outfit but it was really comfortable and I think you could wear it on several occasions. It was an all-Zara look with a Mollerus bag (Swiss label – really great stuff). I loved the sweet blue shirt with a bow combined with some of my favorite shoes. The lace-up trend is so awesome don’t you think? 🙂

Well, I really liked this outfit because it just represented my style and my personality – sweet, elegant, classy and confident. And that’s also what I think is so important. You have to feel comfortable and good in your clothes and you should wear them with pride and happiness. Otherwise, you’ll never look really good. At least, this is my opinion. You can also wear something that’s maybe not trending right now or a dress which may look silly on others. As long as you feel good and you show this you’ll look beautiful.

Alright guys, I really hope you like the pictures – it was so much fun to shoot them! I always appreciate your comments and your opinions.

Have a great day you all – Feel good in your clothes and be yourself 🙂

With love, Carmen ????


IMG_0282 IMG_0233

IMG_0209IMG_0267 IMG_0284

I was waring:

Shirt, Jeans, Shoes Zara / Bag Mollerus / Jewels Pompidou

Photos by Raffaela Arnold