Good Things to do in the Morning

Hey Sweets, how are you all doing?

Lately, I’ve discovered how important it is to me to start my day in a good way. I think, when you feel good in the morning, you’ll keep this feeling for your whole day. That’s why I started to do a morning routine. Of course, everyone is different and you should find out what makes you feel good. But here are some ideas, which could help you to start the day with giving your body some energy, confidence and a good feeling.

1. Smile

Well, there’s not much to say about that. Just smile when you wake up and be glad to be alive. I think there’s nothing better than starting your day with positive vibes 🙂

2. Stretch your body

Guys, trust me your body will thank you if you just reeeally stretch yourself after getting out of your bed. It will wake up your body and get you out of the sleeping mode. So, get up and put your arms up towards the ceiling – as high as you can. Then melt it forwards and try to relax your arms, your head and your legs. After resting a little bit in this position, roll up your torso really slowly. Maybe do some other exercises like stretching your thighs, hamstrings or arms. Everything that lengthens your muscles is good for your body and you’ll be prepared to start your day off. Plus, a little bit of stretching in the morning will improve your posture. I think, there’s nothing worse than walking around with a bad posture the whole day – it’s unhealthy and uncomfortable. So, streetch yourself out 🙂

3. Drink a glass of warm lemon water 

I promise you guys, that’s an amazing thing to do in the morning – and so easy. Just fill up a glass with warm water and mix it with a freshly pressed lemon. It will rehydrate your body, wake up your organs and help your digestive system to get everything flowing. I think, it’s also quite tasty but if it’s too sour for you just add a little bit of honey 🙂

4. Don’t stress yourself

I know, I know, everyone has to be at school or in the office on time but that doesn’t mean that you have to stress yourself and get anything done as fast as possible. If you’re that kind of a person that has to rush every morning to catch the bus then maybe just get up five minutes earlier – it won’t kill you 🙂 Just be sure to have a few minutes to calm down. This can be while you eat breakfast or when you brush your teeth. But it’s really unhealthy to already have stress in the morning – there will be enough at the rest of the day.

5. Set an intention

Guys, I think this is something you really have to try. Just set a goal for your day. It don’t has to be something earth-shaking. Maybe say to yourself ‘Today I wanna try to do something good for another person’. Or maybe choose to be proud of what you do. Another thing could also be to say ‘I really want to pay my bills today’. It doesn’t matter what you go for but you really have to do it. At the end of your day, I promise you, it will make you feel great when you know that you’ve done it.

6. Get Energy

In the morning, it’s really important to give your body good energy. I like to eat some porridge with fruits and almond butter. If you can’t eat something in the morning, then maybe drink a green smoothie. It isn’t very recommended to leave the house without having anything in your stomach. I don’t wanna say that you have to eat a huge menu! Just give your body a bit of energy – it will also help you to think clearer 🙂

Alright guys, these are my six tips to do in the morning. They’re not that complicated but they’ll make your day a lot better and your body will thank you for sure 🙂 Let me know what you think and tell me your things that you do in the morning.

Have a great day and especially – have a good start of the day tomorrow 😉

With love, Carmen ????