Very British indeed

Hey Loves!

I’m so sorry for not posting for so long but I was so busy during my time in London. Now I’m back home.. So sad:( But I had a great time, met new friends, drank a looot of tea and enjoyed one of the most beautiful cities in the world.

Well, most of the time I was at school. I took a course at Central Saint Martins and it was absolutely amazing!! But of course, I did some sightseeing as well guys. At my first day, I went to Buckingham Palace (said hello to the Queen, well maybe not but instead I made some squirrel friends 😉 ) and then I had a afternoon tea at the Wolseley. I love this place, it’s sooo so British! Another place to go is definitively Fortnum & Mason. You know, it would already be an attraction only because of the interior but it’s also such a lovely shopping place. So it’s just perfect :). Almost that pretty I think is Liberty – also very old and I love the British touches everywhere.

One day, I was in Covent Garden and I adore this place! You have the little market, the shops, the theaters and everything is so cute. After discovering the area I went to see Charly and the Chocolate Factory as a musical. I loooved it! Really, I can’t imagine how they do such a show every day especially the little kids who did great. That’s also a thing I appreciate about London – the musicals, theaters, museums – well, just the whole remarkable culture.

As I said, I couldn’t do that many things due to my classes. But at the end of the week my teacher took us to the Yohji Yamamoto exhibition in Hackney. It wasn’t a normal fashion show. There was a model who presented the clothes and a guy who told us the background of them. Sometimes the clothes were really old and precious. The aim of this exhibition is  to show the visitors how much work is actually put in a dress which might not look that complex. I really enjoyed it!

So, I can say for real, I had a great time in London and I am so glad I met these great people from all over the world. I hope we’ll keep in touch and I will see some of them again.

Down below you can see a bunch of my snaps I took during my stay.

Have a great day everyone out there!

sweet blue door out in Bloomsbury

sweet blue door out in Bloomsbury

Breaky at Le pain cotidien
Breaky at Le Pain Cotidien
Hanging out at Buckingham Palace


May I introduce you to some of my new friends: Sir Squirrel and Lady Pigeon
 Always say yes to tea and macarons - The Wolseley
Always say yes to tea and macarons – The Wolseley
Fortnum & Mason vibes ♥
Fortnum & Mason vibes ♥
Iconic - Liberty
Iconic – Liberty
Everyone loves London by night - Piccadilly Circus
Everyone loves London by night – Piccadilly Circus


Perfection at the Yohji Yamamoto Exhibition