Fringe and Lace-up Elegance

Hey there people,

Today, I wanted to share with you guys another look from my black and white series my friend and I wrapped up last week. This time, I went for a printed Zara dress and matched it with two of my current favorites. First on my list are the lace-up shoes. I love how they make out of every outfit something special and how they give this little elegant touch. And second, the black fringe bag (from Zara too) – it spreads these awesome 70ies vibes and gives the whole look something edgy and wild. 


Actually, I wore my hair in a quite unusual way in this look. Normally, I prefer it open or in a high pony-tail. But you should always try out new things, right 🙂


When I speak of elegance there is something I think is really important. Elegance doesn’t appear automatically with some high-heels or a chic dress. It’s really about how you wear it. Everyone can wear a stylish outfit but the attitude makes it how others look at you. So, you really have to feel comfortable in your clothes and find your way of self-expression. If you feel good and strong, show it, no matter what others might think of you – at least they know then who you really are. So, what I want to say is that you don’t have to wear the most exquisite clothes every day to be elegant. The only thing that is important is to show your personality by feeling good in what you’re wearing. This makes you strong and to a unique person. I think this is real elegance.

Below, you can see some more photos of my fringy lace-up look in which I felt really good 🙂

Have an aaawesome day my dearest readers – try to find your own elegance 🙂

With love, Carmen ????







I was wearing:

Dress, Shoes, Bag Zara / Earrings Pompidou

Photos by Raffaela Arnold