When in Dubai


Hey there Sweethearts,

I’ve just come back from Dubai. So sad, I’d loved to stay there longer. It’s such a beautiful place! Now, after unpacking my suitcases – this took a little bit of time – I’m ready to write a little Dubai flashback. I just wanna show you my favorite places and some outfits I’ve been wearing during my holidays.


Well first, I wanna point out that everyone is so nice and friendly in Dubai. It feels like you’re safe everywhere and there’s no crime going on. They’re just content and nobody dares to break any rules. The whole atmosphere is very pleasing.

During my week in Dubai I stayed at the One & Only Mirage Hotel. I loved it! The hotel is built in this lovely oriental style and there are several things to do. There’s a great pool, a private beach, different restaurants, a beauty institute and a gym. I’m sure you can’t get bored. 🙂



On my first day, I visited the old part of the city where all the different souks are. I absolutely loved the spice souk with all its smells and colors. Another place to go is the gold souk. There, you have tons of shops which sell necklaces, bracelets and just everything glittery like you’ve never seen before! Well, I think at least not in such a great selection 😉


After my tour through the old town I made my way to a more modern part of the city and got to the Souk Madinat Jumeirah. It’s located in a huge luxury hotel and it contains some super cute shops. If you’ll be there once you should definitively visit the store called The Fashion Palais. It sells wonderful selected pieces from a wide range of different designers. You’ll find amazing accessories, glamorous dresses and lovely furniture items. I bought a great top – it was love at first sight – which you’re gonna see in one of my next posts.


One day, I went to the Dubai Mall. Guys, I’ve never seen something like this before. It’s the biggest shopping center in the world! Apart from every store you can imagine you can find an ice rink, an aquarium, the biggest shoe store worldwide – just everything! And you definitively can not miss it because it’s in the Burj Khalifa – also known as the tallest tower all over the world with its almost 830 meters. If you’re going to be in Dubai once, make sure to reserve a ticket in advance to go on the top of the tower. The view is breathtaking!



I have to admit my friends, Dubai was an absolutely great experience. There’s so much to see and to do. I also loved it to get to know a completely different culture. I think this is one of the best things about traveling. There are so many people living on this planet and every part of the world has their own rules. In my opinion, we should really value the different ways of live by get to know the various cultures.

I hope you enjoyed my little Dubai guide sweets! Down below you can see some more pictures of different places and outfits. I wish you all a great day! Don’t forget to smile and be happy. 🙂