Wonders of a white blouse – Part III

Hello hello again,

Welcome to the third session of my project. For those who haven’t read my two previous posts yet I’ll explain it for a second. Recently, someone asked me to make an article about how to style a normal white blouse in a trendy way. I really liked this idea because it’s a piece every woman has – or should have 😉 – in her wardrobe. Therefore, I decided to do a little project of different posts in which I’m gonna show you some ideas to wear your wonder piece – the white blouse.


So, it’s already the middle of October and the temperatures are getting colder. On times like this, I love it to wrap up myself in a super cosy scarf. This is also what I did in this look. I combined my white blouse with some black ripped jeans and a really comfy scarf. To complete the outfit, I chose a leather jacket which gave it a touch of a rocking roughness. I really like this kind of contrasts. The white shirt is an elegant piece but if you wear it with a leather jacket or ripped jeans the outfit will look more fancy.


I have to admit my friends, I loved to wear this look and I felt really comfortable in it. Maybe you’re as amazed as me at the various possibilities to wear your white wonder blouse. And this isn’t gonna be the last look! The next part of my project is going to be online very soon – don’t miss it. 🙂

I wish you all a great day, take good care! I always appreciate your feedback, just leave me a comment.

With love, Carmen ????








I was wearing:

White blouse, leather jacket, jeans and scarf all from Zara / Ankle Boots Max Shoes

Photos by Raffaela Arnold