New Beginnings


Welcome to my new site!

I’m so happy that you found your way back to You may have noticed that everything looks a bit different and there are some more features as well. This makeover should also stand for new beginnings. Everyone knows them whether you start a new job or move to a different place. New beginnings can be scary but sometimes you just have to give it a try. One day you’ll look back and you’ll be happy about it. 😉

Well, in my first blog post which shows up in the new design I wanna share with you a look which I wore some days ago. I shot it with my good friend and great photographer Raffaela Arnold. The setting was great as the colorful autumn leaves covered the floor in a lovely way. I think on this day the nature also represented this kind of New beginnings I’ve been talking about. For me, the different seasons are always like a new start. So, at this time of the year the days get shorter, the temperatures drop and the leaves fall from the trees. Soon, the first snowflakes are going say hi and they will cover everything with a beautiful blanket of snow.


But now back to my outfit. As it was rather cold that day I decided to wear a super cozy headband. Actually, I think headbands are going to turn out into my favorite hair-accessories for this winter. I also like caps, but why not try out something new. 😉 Apparently, my jacket couldn’t be overlooked. I absolutely loved its shining material and the gold-coppery color. As the jacket itself was very striking, I went for simple black trousers. To complete my look, I chose my Nike sneakers with some fancy pink socks (my love for socks won’t disappear even though my website has got a new style).

As always, you can see more pictures down below. Thank you so much for stopping by guys.

I always appreciate your comments – tell me what you think.

I wish you a lovely rest of your day. Remember to value new beginnings and enjoy those amazing autumn vibes – maybe you’re in the mood for a little dance with the leaves like me. 😛

Much love, Carmen ????








I was wearing:

Jacket &other Stories / Trousers Mango / Sneakers Nike / Hairband H&M

Photos by Raffaela Arnold