Mix and Match – Feel like a Princess

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Hello my dearest readers,

I hope you’re all having a beloved Christmas time!

I’m so excited to share with you my newest project. It’s about an awesome label called piqyourdress and it’s based in Switzerland. Actually, it’s not like any other ordinary label. Infact, it works with a special system which I think is absolutely great!

So let me explain the whole concept. Basically piqyourdress stands for beautiful and exclusive dresses. It covers a wide range from sweet cocktail dresses to lovely evening gowns and even wedding dresses which are stunning! The special part about it is that you don’t buy your dress in one piece. You choose a skirt – long or short, tulle or lace – out of various colors. Then, you match a top. I’m sure in the collection is something for all of you. You can either go for a crop top or a longer shirt. There are also different variations of sleeves. Another great thing is, it’s all made in Switzerland.

At the end you can add a belt to your combination. When you wear all pieces together you have a beautiful dress – it looks as if it was just one piece. 🙂

Here you can see some examples of different combinations I tried out with piqyourdress pieces.

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First I matched a tulle skirt with a top in the same color. Actually, this pink tone is totally new and it will be available next year. I felt really honored to wear it already. One of my favorite outfits of that day was definitively the pink-white-combo with this glamorous belt. The colors matched perfectly together and I really felt like a princess. 🙂 My third look was a blue combo which kind of reminded me of a Cinderella dress – I loved it!

Well, the whole piq-idea is just amazing, don’t you think? Apart from the gorgeous combinations, I think it’s great how you’re free to add in a new piece anytime you want. This means, you don’t have to buy a whole new dress for each event but you can just change the top or the belt.

Another super cool extra of piqyourdress is how the pieces are multifunctional. You can also wear them in a casual outfit. Maybe by matching the top with jeans or wearing the skirt with a simple T-shirt. There are so many ways to style the pieces. Down below you can see some more inspirations.

And some good news guys, there’s a great piqyourdress project planned very soon – so stay tuned. 🙂

Have a lovely rest of your day my sweets and be sure to check out the website piqyourdress.com where you can mix and match your own dresses.

Much love and have a wonderful Christmas time you all,

Carmen ????



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I was wearing:

Dresses and belts Piqyourdress / Shoes Zara

Photos by Raffaela Arnold