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What’s up my sweethearts!

It’s already the middle of December which means Christmas is coming closer and the temperatures are getting colder. On times like this I love to wear super cozy sweaters. In this look, I chose an ecru colored version which was very comfy and cuddly. What I really liked about it as well were the laces on the back side.

With my sweater I matched some blue jeans and Ugg bots. I know – Ugg boots are very controversial and some people consider them as totally unfashionable. So this is what I think: It always depends on the combination. Of course, I would never wear them with an elegant dress. But, I really like to wear Ugg boots with a sporty and casual outfit and sometimes they even go with a nice blouse and a blazer. They’re just super comfortable and the lambskin keeps your feet perfectly warm during those frosty winter days. 🙂 So, what are your opinions about Ugg boots guys?


Let’s move to the second topic of today’s post. As I mentioned before and as you guys all know – there are only a few days left until Christmas! Well, I still haven’t got all my gifts ready. For some people it’s just too difficult to find the right present! And we all have this one friend who already has everything, right? That’s why I wanna give you some ideas for immaterial gift ideas. Personally, I think one of the most precious presents is sharing your time with your besties. One way you could do this is to create vouchers.

Well yes – vouchers and coupons have a reputation of being impersonal. But I think when you make it special it’s one of the best presents you can get. Maybe you invite your best friend – or your parents as well – for dinner in her/ his favorite restaurant. Of course, also you can cook for them and have a lovely evening at your place. Or you plan a ‘Spa-Day’.  One I really like is the sleepover-coupon. The idea is to prepare everything like beauty masks, nail polishes, movies and some yummy food –  just that you’ll feel like a teenager again – and have a great time with your friends. 🙂 Another great version is the short-trip-voucher. This doesn’t mean you have to book a ticket to one of the top cities in the world. Sometimes it’s just nice to go to go to another city which is close to your hometown and spend some time with your bestie. But the most important thing about vouchers is – you have to redeem them! The best way is to settle a date as soon as you give the present. Otherwise the chance is high that the voucher is going to be forgotten. So, safe the date. 😉

Well, I really hope I could inspire you a bit with my sporty cozy winter outfit and my immaterial gift ideas my sweethearts. I’d love to learn what kind of Christmas presents you’re getting! Let me know in the comments.

Down below you can see some more pictures of my look. 🙂

Have a great rest of your day and a wonderful Christmas time.

With love, Carmen ????









I was wearing:

Sweater and Jeans Mango / Shoes Ugg (Limited Color)

Photos by Kathrin Dietziker