The little Black Dresses


Hi guys,

Are you all having a lovely Christmas time? Today, I want to share with you another project with the label piqyourdress shot in one of my favorite restaurants called the ‘Rare Street Coffee’ in Rapperswil, Switzerland. The interior of the coffee is amazing. It also serves one of the best coffees in town and great dishes like chia pudding and yummy Italian piadinas. If you guys are in Switzerland one day make sure to check it out!

So piqyourdress works with this absolutely great system which I explained to you in one of my previous posts (click here to read).  For those of you who haven’t read it yet I’ll explain it in a short sentence: You choose a skirt, a top and a belt – wear it all together – and there you have your perfect dress. Well, we all know, you can never go wrong with the little black dress . With piqyourdress pieces you can even get more than just one – how great is this?  In this post, I’m gonna show you different variations.

Let’s start off with a casual combination. I chose a black tulle skirt and a crystal belt from piqyourdress and matched it with a Zara top. I really liked the mix of elegance and sportiness together in one outfit.

IMG_9988 (1)

IMG_0014 (1)

The next combination includes the same tulle skirt like in the outfit before. I just changed the top to a black one from piqyourdress. You see how easy it is to just change your look depending on your mood or on the event.  The following outfit is more elegant and perfect for a special party.



Well, as we all know the best things come in threes. So my third little black dress look was a mix which has elegant and edgy elements. I matched a black piqyourdress skirt and top with a leather jacket from Zara. The skirt was made out of black lace and I totally loved it. To finish this look I matched some sequined black heels.

IMG_0182 (1)


I have to admit, the three looks may all look really different but I just felt so good in every single one. I love variety and with piqyourdress you can just mix and match as you like it the best. Down below you can see some more shots of the different looks all taken in the ‘Rare Street Coffe’ . If you guys are more crazy about white dresses, don’t worry, the next project with piqyourdress is going to be all about white dreams – stay tuned!

I wish you all a great Sunday my loves and enjoy the last weekend before Christmas… 🙂

Much love, Carmen ????











I was wearing:

Dresses, tops and belts all from piqyourdress / Leather jacket and white top from Zara

Photos by Raffaela Arnold