The Magic of Christmas

Merry Christmas

Today’s the day!

I wish you all a wonderful and a very merry Christmas my loves! Well obviously, I want to talk about this – let’s say – most special day of the year. I just love it. You come together with your family and have a lovely time while sitting next to your Christmas tree. Maybe you sing some Christmas songs or someone is reading a Christmas story.  It’s just this time of the year when you can forget about all the problems and enjoy the moments with your beloved ones. Even though carmitive is basically a fashion and lifestyle blog I think that today shouldn’t only be about clothes. However, in this post I want to share with you my little Christmas story which really happened.

This year another aspect of Christmas has got clear to me. The most of us love this holiday, right? But what about those who don’t like it? The most Christmas lovers would probably just think ‘They’re crazy’. Well, I learned that they maybe have some bad memories or they don’t like it because their parents have just got divorced. So, I can totally understand that they’re not really in the mood for a happy and festive holiday.

This kind of made me very sad. How can someone not love Santa Clause, Jingle Bells and gingerbread men? But it also motivated me to bring back the magic of Christmas to all of those who lost it. Well maybe not to everyone but if it’s only one person it’s better than no one, right? 🙂 Well, I tried really hard to convince them how great all this Christmassy stuff is. Then I realized that it is not the stuff they don’t like but it’s the people to celebrate they miss. So after showing them that people do care for each other and that love really exists, they started to change their mind.

I belive that everyone has got the magic of Christmas – some may have forgotten about it – but it’s still there. So let’s bring back this feeling to all of those who have lost it out of their sight.

Well, of course I stilll wanna share with you my Christmas outfit after this little story. As everything is always very decorated with much glamour and glitter I wanted to keep my look elegant and classy but simple. So I went for black. For me, it’s the color which represents perfect simplicity and elegance. In this outfit I was wearing a top from the H&M x Balmain Collection. I matched it with some black skinny jeans and Steve Madden flats. As the gold zippers of the top were really striking itself I decided to wear just two simpel bracelets.


More pictures of my Christmas Look you can see down below. Now, I wish you all a wonderful and joyful Christmas time with your family and friends. Always remember to spread the magic of Christmas.

With Love, Carmen


DSC_0088 (1)





I was wearing:

Top H&M x Balmain (limited Edition) / Trousers Zara / Shoes Steve Madden

Photos by Kathrin Dietziker