Lacy Trendy Tuesday – Girly vs. Edgy

Hi my sweethearts,

Are you all overflowed of Coachella pictures and videos after Instagram and Snapchat have been full them? It would be so amazing to be a part of this great festival one day. I mean, it’s like an all-day fashion show in the desert with amazing live music and great weather – it’s just all you need. But let’s move to today’s topic now. 😉 As on every Tuesday, I’m showing you some cool trend inspirations. Actually, I couldn’t wait for this topic of the Trendy Tuesday series. Today’s edition is about a trend you can’t miss this season – lace. It appears in various variations and colors. The great thing is, you can style it so individually. Well, lace sometimes has got this reputation of being very girly and sweet. But in fact, it can also be styled in a edgy and cool way (remember this outfit?). That’s why I want to show you two inspiration boards today. In the first one you can find some sweet girly picks. In the second board, I’ve put you together some ideas for edgy combinations with lace.




1 Lace Playsuit H&M / 2 Sunglasses RayBan / 3 Necklace SNÖ of Sweden / 4 White Dress Mango / 5 Choker Topshop / 6 Pink Lace-up flats Steve Madden / 7 Green Crossbody Bag Rebecca Minkoff / 8 Pink Bag Rachael Ruddick / 9 Espadrilles Cassis Côte d’Azur



1 Black Jacket Mango / 2 Hat Topshop / 3 Sunglasses Black and White Steve Madden / 4 White Top Piqyourdress / 5 Belt B-Low the Belt / 6 Silver Lace-up Flats Aquazurra / 7 Shopper Balenciaga / 8 High Heel Sandals New Look / 9 Black Skirt Piqyourdress

So which type are you guys? Let me know in the comments, I’m so curious! I wish you all a great rest of your day – don’t forget to smile. 🙂

With love, Carmen ????