Dare to Dream


Hi my sweethearts,

Sometimes, it doesn’t need that much to feel those holiday vibes. Some days ago, it only took a girly dress, a pretty location, a good atmosphere – and suddently I felt like I was walking through the streets of a sweet greek village. Well unfortunately, I was still in Switzerland – which is almost the same. 😛

I have to admit, I am a little daydreamer. But I think, we are allowed to dream a bit from time to time, don’t you think? There are these moments when you can forget about all the rational and logical stuff and let your imagination take its course. And dreaming is something good because you know, only if you dream big you will have a goal to achieve and you will be able to make your miracle happen.


So even though the houses and the blue wall increased my dreamy mood that day, it was the dress which was the deciding factor. It made me feel like I could be anywhere I wanted to. The girly cut and the lovely nude color made me love this dress from the first time I saw it in the BIG store in Zurich. The pretty buttons and the belt made it even more perfect. I think this dress proves how clothes have a very high impact on how you feel. You don’t always have to travel a long way or look for the perfect spot. Just enjoy in the moment, wear the clothes in which you feel great and dare to dream a little.

I wish you all a wonderful and dreamy day my sweethearts.

With love, Carmen ????













Outfit details: 

Dress and belt BIG Zurich / Bag BIG Zurich / Shoes Zara

Photos by Sabrina Marcolin