How to become your own Lipstick artist with L’Oreal

Hello sweeties,

You use them when you are kissing, talking, drinking or eating – lips play quite important roles in our lives. With a pretty lipstick, they are also a great way to give a whole outfit a little upgrade.

As there are so many different colors available, I sometimes have difficulties to find the perfect lipstick. When you stand in front of all these colors you just want them all, don’t you?

That’s why I feel so lucky that I found the Color Riche Lip Palette from L’Oreal Paris. With one palette you get six of the most popular Color Riche shades and you can mix and match them as you like it. As the different tones all blend in perfectly with each other, the Palette is a great way to vary your lip color from day to night depending on your mood and on the occasion. It’s almost like creating your own customized lipstick color. So in today’s tutorial (which is my first one btw so I am really excited) I am sharing with you some ideas for how to use this great palette.


1. Start with cleaned lips and grab your palette.

2. To get a natural look, choose one of the light tones as a basic color.

3. If you want to keep it simple, you can just go for one shade and keep a classic all-over color. To get it more customized, continue with step four.

4. Depending on your skin tone, choose a second color and blend it with the first one.

5. Give it a kiss, smile and show everyone your pretty lips. 😉





1. Start with cleaned lips and grab your palette.

2. Take a slim brush for a precise application for the outer lines of your lips.

3. Define your lips by outlining your lip contour with the darkest shade of the palette.

4. Depending on your mood, choose a lighter shade and apply it on the inner part of your lips. Blend the two shades with a brush and eventually give your lips a soft press.

5. Go and discover the magic of your great ombre lips. 🙂





Of course there are several other possibilities to apply the different shades on your lips. Another great thing about these colors is that they all last for such a long time. You definitively don’t have to be afraid that your customized creations are gonna fade. Being your own lipstick artist has never been so easy. 🙂

I am so curious about your opinions of this tutorial. It was much fun so if you liked it I could really think about doing posts like these a bit more. Just let me know in the comments. I wish you all a lovely rest of this Sunday and a great start into the new week my sweethearts. Don’t forget to show off your lips!

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Photos by Judith