Rose Kissed

Jambo my loves,

How are you all doing? Well ,some of my snapchat buddies (add carmenjenny) might already know that I am currently in Africa on a safari trip. Right now, I’m sitting in our safari van, driving to our next destination – and yes the road is really bumpy. 😉 After five days of Africa, everything is still so impressive. First, you have the beautiful landscapes changing from the jungle to the plain and from super freezing to almost boiling temperatures. Besides of these amazing places with all their cute animals you also see the people who live in Africa – and I mean real Africa.

Some days ago we were just about to pass a very long road and it felt like it was located in the middle of nowhere. When I looked outside the window I saw huts made out of straw, clay and sheet metal. I saw children walking alone with heir huge herds of cows and goats. They stared at me with their big blank eyes and some of them were even waving me. This just made me so sad. I mean, I’ve always known that people live in such circumstances somewhere. But it’s completely different if you see them for real.



So guys, I don’t want to make a big speech here –  we all know this world is not fair. But I think sometimes it’s important that we all take a moment and value our lives and remember how lucky we are. In the end, we are all a bit rose kissed.

And I don’t only say this because of the rose colored outfit I am showing you today, I hope you know what I mean. But I actually really felt like a sweet rose kissed candy because of the pretty pastel colors. I was wearing a very comfy midi dress and a fluffy sweater from Ba&Sh. For accessories I decided to match a Lonchamp cross-body bag from the new fall/winter collection. What I loved about this bag was the cool print and the cow fur gave it something extra fancy. To keep the whole look classy but also a bit sporty, I went for some white glitter sneakers.

Well, it looks like we’ll soon arrive at our next destination on our safari trip, so this is it for today. Don’t worry, I will show you some impressions of this journey very soon. I wish you a wonderful rest of your weekend my sweethearts, enjoy your day and take care!

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Outfit details: 

Dress and Sweater Ba&Sh Fall/Winter Collection 16 / Bag Lonchamp Fall/Winter Collection 2016 / Sneakers Liu Jo (similar)

Photos by Judith