Dress up for Dreams with TommyXGigi

It’s a daily companion – the good beloved mobile phone. It beeps and flashes for news, it might be a portable food diary and who could really live without Instagram, What’sApp or Snapchat anymore? Apparently, this is modern culture and there is absolutely nothing wrong about it. Nevertheless, this constant online behavior increases the chance to fall into FOMO (= the fear of missing out). Luckily, the right outfit helps you to enjoy the moment right where you are.

Scrolling through those Instagram pictures and watching (Snapchat) stories can be quite stressful and exhausting. With the different possibilities to follow your people, it’s getting harder and harder to be up to date all the time. It’s even likely to forget about yourself. However, everyone needs to daydream from time to time as a motivation to reach your goals. This is also what Tommy Hilfiger did and with the same-named brand, he truly achieved his own American dream. In turn, the new collection, which was designed in a collaboration with Gigi Hadid, represents those values as its finest: The confident, effortless and cool pieces bring that free-spirit mood right into your wardrobe.

One of those ‘good-vibes-pieces’ is the denim bomber jacket with patches. Worn with a bright color like yellow it will even get more attention. Regarding the accessory, you can’t go wrong with a bandana. Whether you tie it around your wrist, your hair or on your bag is totally up to you. While wearing some of those 60s and 70s inspired pieces, just try to take everyithing a bit more easy. It’s no big deal if you don’t know what everyone is doing right now. You will either learn about it later and if not it was not that important. Just take some time for yourself and enjoy the moment the way it is. Above all, don’t forget about your dreams and to hold on to them. Otherwise, set a reminder in your smartphone: ‘DREAM ON’. ?

P.S.: For all Swiss readers, get your TommyXGigi pieces at PKZ WOMEN.

 Outfit details: 

Bomber jacket, T-Shirt and trousers TOMMY HILFIGER X GIGI HADID / Bandana RIVER ISLAND / Sunglasses URBAN OUTFITTERS / Sneakers ADIDAS ORIGINALS

Photographed by Judith