Je suis Heureux – Behind the scences with MAC Cosmetics

Heureux, fortunato, glücklich – “happy” is an easy and common word in a lot of languages. Sometimes though, it is used without thinking enough about the meaning. Instead of questioning yourself whether you are really happy, it’s normal to just tell yourself to do so. Forced situations like these get even worse if you hide yourself behind your make-up. This is why you should always keep this following motto in mind: Don’t worry, be happy and show your good vibes in your look – your happiness even increases with some make-up tips of a professional.

First things first, what does “happiness” actually mean? Mr. Google and Ms. Dictionary say: It’s a pleasing state of mind, in which you are at when you possess or enjoy something you have wished for. This sounds like a long and detailed definition for a word, which is used daily. Also, there is this quote: Every man or woman is the architect of his own fortune. Mostly, it’s this work and the way until you get what you desire which makes you happy. Having a goal to look forward to is more motivating than having already reached everything. This is why you should always set yourself new ambitions. At the same time, it’s important to be satisfied from time to time. Otherwise you will miss your happiness.

What makes your luck even more enjoyable is the right look, which also includes your make-up. After all, your face decides about how you feel and how you appear to others. One way is to try out different ways to put on your make-up. The second possibility is to get some assistance of a make-up artist at MAC Cosmetics. Apparently, you won’t only safe time but you will also get a look into all the products. If you want to incorporate some more happy vibes into your outfit, just let your sweatshirt speak for you. 🙂

Make-up by MAC Cosmetics

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Photographed by Judith