Sneaky Boho Coolness

Love, want, need and wear it right away. It’s human to get a little bit impatient from time to time. Especially when this spring-like weather arrives, it’s likely to have such a moment. So let’s leave those cold days behind and prepare yourself for the next season. To make this transition time a bit more exciting, grab your summer or spring dresses. You may have bought them for warmer days but with the right combination, you can start to spread those vernal vibes already now.

Depending on the temperatures, you can mix and match those spring clothes as you like. However, it’s important to incorporate some pieces you would normally wear during this season. Otherwise the outfit will look a bit out of place. For example, if you can’t wait to wear your boho dress, pair it with a bomber jacket. This ensemble will make the gown look a bit more cool and less girly. You can even increase that effect by wearing a (peachy) baseball cap. Apparently, you can also add in some classiness: some sparkling shoes will complete your look with a chic finish. 

This outfit proves that you sometimes have to be a bit sneaky to get what you want – not in a mean way of course. It’s just that thinking a bit further is mostly a good idea. Why do everything the way others are used to it? Nobody has ever made a rule that you shouldn’t wear summer dresses in early spring – and if anyone did, this rule was meant to be broken. So let’s get out your favorite summer piece and pair it with some ‘seasonal’ ones. The chance is high that you feel great in your outfit – because who doesn’t while being dressed up spring-like?

Outfit details: 


Photographed by Judith and Daniel