Strolls and Goals in Notting Hill

Everyone knows them – almost each doorway in London is a small attraction itself. No matter through which part of the town you take a stroll, you will either find a bright colored door, stairs with black and white colored squares or maybe even both of them together.  The place which represents serious house goals though is Notting Hill. The neighborhood doesn’t only make you feel like you escaped into a pastel colored world but with those dapper doors, Notting Hill is one of the most motivating spots to visit.

The streets appear like a film set. No surprise that Notting Hill was the perfect scenery for Julia Roberts’ and Hugh Grant’s  love story. Apparently, the north-western part of London is not only famous for the same-named movie, but also for the overflow of Instagram pictures. 😉 If you are a real Instagrammer you definitely cannot miss this place once you are in London – and don’t forget to have brunch or lunch at the Farm Girl Cafe. The menu is full of photogenic food which tastes delicious after you got your picture!

Of course, Notting Hill is also a must if you are not that much into Instagram because the aura of those pastel houses increases your good mood right away. It almost seems like this place is free of worries. Well, why should one complain when living in a marshmallow world? So if you stroll through the streets next time  – Portobello road should be one of them – take those doors as a memory for your everyday-life. Sometimes, good things come to an end. Doors close. In situations like this, think of all the other doors which are waiting for you to be opened. There is always something you can’t do, but there is also something you can do. So let’s bring some Notting Hill vibes into your life – do you already know which door you want to open next?

Outfit details: 

Embroidered shirt ZARA / Trousers ZARA (similar) / Bag CHLOÉ / Biker jacket ZARA / Shoes NAVYBOOT / Tights CALZEDONIA 

Photographed by NICOLE JENNY – Instagram TEDDYLOVERIN