Sweater Fairness tied Together

T-Shirts, Jeans, Socks. They all have something in common: They are mostly made out of cotton. The popular material is part of every wardrobe nowadays. Even though it is taken for granted, cotton rarely is fair produced. This is why it’s about setting a statement – with the perfect outfit of course.

Talk about it, Change it

The blossom buds are white and fluffy like cotton candy. It’s hard to imagine, how a cotton plant turns into a comfy sweater one day. Actually, the process of is very complex: After the plants are harvested, they are dried, bleached and colored. Due to the great demand of cotton, it’s likely that everything has to go as fast and cheap as possible. This is why the procedure often gets propelled with ecology damaging chemicals. Those bad conditions are normally hushed up and obviously nobody really wants to talk about them. Therefore, it seems like organic cotton has become a standard. However, fair produced cotton only makes 5% of the market. To this – let’s call it niche – ‘Coop’ belongs with its ‘Naturaline Collection’ of which this sweater is a part.


Who would have ever thought that sustainability and trend-inspired outfits would go together so well? On one hand, the lace-up details of the sweater are real eye-catchers but at the same time, they match the zigzag pattern of the fishnet tights. The glitter socks make the whole ensemble a bit more glamorous; the sneakers make it more comfy. Last but not least, the white bandana is a symbol for the #TiedTogether Campaign of the online magazine Business of Fashion: A reminder which stands for fairness all over the world.

Let’s set a statement yourself and win your ‘Naturaline’ sweater! Just head over to @carmitive on Instagram and participate at the international giveaway. Good luck!

Outfit details:

Sweater NATURALINE / Black dress underneath ZARA (similar) / Fishnet tights CALZEDONIA / Sneakers NIKE / Bag CHLOÉ

Photographed by Judith

In friendly collaboration with COOP NATURALINE.