Collect Memories with Maison Mollerus

Imagine you had to plan your life 200 days ahead. A lot of things can happen during such an amount of time. Being part of the Maison Mollerus Tate program means you are wearing your bag for at least 12’000 hours. At a first glimpse, this sounds very long. However, having a trusty accessory by your side can make you realize more than expected.

Think of those next few weeks for a second. What would you like to see? Maybe you want to have some good times with your friends or you have some exciting travels planned in your agenda. Whatever your next stops are, also consider how you can make the best out of them: Take something, which reminds you on those (200) days. If you once look back on them, that “thing” will always get you back into the mood. These feelings though, make you come up with the different images in your mind again. In the end, those memories are the most valuable souvenirs you can get.

Collect Memories not Things

Of course this symbol can be anything you like. However, one of the most practical pieces you always have with anyway is the bag. Preferably, it’s a big one in which you can put all your stuff. To make your outfit always look on point as well, it’s smart to choose a classy color like navy blue. So apparently, this Maison Mollerus Shopper is a perfect companion to make memories of 200 days – and more.

Have you already come up with the goals you have for those upcoming 720’000 minutes? Always keep in mind that you can use all those experiences for the future – whatever you do, memories make you creative and ultimately, creativity gives you freedom.

Outfit details: 

Bag MAISON MOLLERUS / Coat PULL & BEAR (similar) / Sneakers NIKE / Neckerchief ASOS

Photographed by ELLI FOT – Instagram GAZELLELLI