One little Spark

Gingham tops, fishnet stockings, pink and yellow – like every season, there a lot of trends going on for this spring/summer. Due to this mass of it-pieces, must-have colors and accessory essentials, it’s likely to lose track. Of course you can keep an overview by following along the weekly Trendy Tuesday editions. However, it takes some more to keep your outfits updated all the time and still match them to your personality.

Let’s think of a possible everyday situation: You wake up in the morning and all you can think of is that massive to-do-list you still have to get done. So rather than trying to manage everything at once, it’s more effective to take one step at a time. In the end, the results appear more properly and you feel better because you didn’t stress your brain with ten different tasks simultaneously.

Get your fashion focus

Apparently, it’s the same thing for those trends. Of course you can incorporate a pink gingham top with yellow pants and fishnet socks in one look. However, it can become quite exhausting to consider every hype. Plus, it doesn’t make you look very authentic. Therefore, it’s important to not neglect your personal style. Just concentrate on one movement first and match it with your usual outfits. Moreover, you don’t have to follow a trend if you don’t like it. Or maybe you want to wear it a bit differently than all the big influencers and street style stars are doing it. For example, why should you style those fishnet tights like everyone else? Maybe you want to wear them over your T-shirt instead of raising it up to your bra – you know what is meant here. So in a nutshell, take one piece which is trending in the fashion world and make it your own. This is how you transform those little sparks into your individual glamour. Maybe some embellished glitter jeans are a good idea to start with. 🙂

Outfit Details: 

T-Shirt FOREVER 21 / Embellished jeans TOPSHOP / Fishnet tights CALZEDONIA / Sneakers NIKE

Photographed by ELLI FOT – Instagram GAZELLELLI