Sounds like more than an Accessory

It can either be functional or more stylish. Fashion is often separated in those two groups. However, those lines are rather blurred in real life. The times when useful accessories are not cool anymore are over anyway. Actually, a practical item can even give your outfit that little something – what about some classy headphones for example?

The stylish melody

Let’s start with the fact that music and fashion have quite a lot in common. They are part of your everyday life and constant sources of inspiration. Sometimes you concentrate yourself more on your outfit or on the songs you are listening to and then are those moments when you are less aware of them. Nevertheless, you can’t really dismiss any clothes or music from your daily routine – except the nudist life on a desert-island is something for you. If not, you may read on. 🙂

In a way, it’s like a Ping-Pong game: Such as fashion is influenced by different melodies, music is affected by clothes and trends. No matter if it’s hip-hop, rap or rock – over those years, they have all appeared in various collections. So the other way around, the music industry found its way into fashion. One brand, which knows how to do it, is Sudio Sweden. Their headphones provide you to listen to the songs you want in a high quality ­­– with style of course. This means: no entangling cords, a variation of different colors and a clean design. Whether you prefer on-ear or in-ear variations, they are contemporary and definitely useful accessories for every outfit.

With the code CARMITIVE15 you get 15% discount on your favorite Sudio Sweden headphones! Which is the next song you are listening to?

Outfit details:

Bomberjacket ZARA (similar) / White trousers ZARA / Top ZARA (similar) / Sneakers LIU JO 

In collaboration with SUDIO SWEDEN

Thanks to RARE STREET COFFEE for the shooting location – and the best coffee in town!

Photographed by Daniel