The Coachella Look for Everywhere

It’s that time of the year again: with this Easter weekend going on, the huge music festival Coachella has started. While the happy folks in Palm Springs are enjoying some live music under the Californian sun, ‘nochella-people’ are hunting Easter eggs and eat some extra chocolates. Even though those two events may appear totally different, they have a lot in common – especially the outfits kind of spread the same vibe.

Cool Coachella Combo

Basically, those days are about spending time with your beloved ones. Celebrating Easter brings you together with your family and you will probably rock the festivals with your best friends. So no matter whether you have a reunion with your relatives or a West Coast moment, you want to feel good in your outfit anyway. This means: no stiff clothes because they will either hinder you from finding the well-hidden Easter baskets and they are not really comfy when you dance in front of that stage. Therefore, a simple T-shirt and jeans are the perfect choice. To make your whole ensemble look a bit more special, add in a silky lace tank top. It makes your combo look more intersting and it’s definitely suitable for both occasions.

The garden festival

To be well prepared for any kind of weather situations there are two essentials to watch out. First, the cap: It will not only be your best friend during the burning heat in the desert but also during a garden party with your grandparents, cousins and Co. The second ‘Easter-Ella-Basic’ is a denim jacket. As you never know about those cool breezes, a cool extra layer is always a good idea.

Are you ready to bring that Coachella mood into your family gatherings? Apparently, you can also stick to this outfit guide if the holidays are over. Just be sure to feel those loose vibes and enjoy every minute of the day – happy Easter everyone!

Outfit details: 

Tank top BRANDY MELVILLE / T-shirt ZARA / Denim jacket ZARA / Jeans TOPSHOP / Cap BRANDY MELVILLE / Shoes ZARA (similar) / Fishnet socks TOPSHOP

Photographed by Judith