Easy Breezy like a Mermaid

The plans are set but suddenly, everything turns out differently. These are those days when just nothing works the way you want to. In moments like these, you can choose between two possible manners two react: A) You freak out and force to accomplish your original concept. B) You accept it and try to think of something different to do instead. Actually, both reactions have their pros and cons.

Attitude A may sound useless at first sight. Why should you give all your energy into something which is not worth it? Well, you never know how you can turn those things around. Sometimes those setbacks motivate you even more to reach your goals. It would be quite boring if everything proceeded like you had it in mind.

Stay realistic

In some situations though, you just have to admit that every effort won’t take you any further. It’s when it’s all about being open for something new. This is not a sign of weakness. To the contrary, it needs courage to change a plan or to turn it upside down. In the end, those things might turn out more sensational than expected. It just needs a simple try.

Eventually, the line between motivating endurance and renewing changes is very blurred. There is no real ‘how-to-react-guide’. However, your decision might be easier if you are relaxed and feel some easy breezy mermaid vibes. Everyone can benefit from a palmy mood now and then. To increase this feeling, wear a T-Shirt with some printed shells, a dress which blows in the wind and a straw hat. Wherever you are, this outfit will make you feel like you are to the beach – or underwater – right away. Suddenly you will know if you want to give your plans another try or not.

P.S. Today’s post was meant to be a makeup tutorial. Due to technical issues, it had to be postponed. This time, plan B was more effective. 🙂 Stay tuned for the makeup class!

Outfit details: 

Top EDITED X GLAMOUR / Dress ZARA (similar) / Jeans TOPSHOP / Shoes STEVE MADDEN / Hat H&M

Photographed by Daniel