The Multicolored Twist

Friends, familiar faces and strangers. There are so many people in this world and some of them are part of your life. Of course the time you spend with your beloved ones is very precious. Nevertheless, getting along with unknown folks is important too. Sometimes, those moments turn out much better than expected. Just like a mix of colors can be more interesting than a monochrome version only.

Color it up

Whether you are on holidays, working on a special project at the university or you have moved to a new town – there will always be situations when you meet new people. Usually, social types don’t struggle to make new friends or to work together professionally. However, the ones who are more introverted might have some difficulties at the beginning. Apparently, none of those characters is better than one another. What matters is acceptance. It’s about valuing the strengths of each person and cooperate as one big group. It’s the same for traveling. Why not catching up with someone who might be the total opposite of you – it’s always enriching to learn about another point of view.

 Just have a look at this Diesel dress. It would look nice as a plain-colored variation for sure. The play of those striking stripes makes it a lot more attention grabbing though. So either way, in fashion or in social groups, give those multicolored variations a try. Just keep the campaign from Diesel in mind and “make love, not walls.”

Outfit details: 

Dress DIESEL / Bag CÉLINE / Necklace LOVE IS JEWELLERY / Shoes ZARA (similar)

Photographed by Judith