There are those things, which are always modern: The striped top, the denim jacket and the wristwatch are three of them. The reason why those classics are timeless until today is not because they are old and well known. Instead, they make you feel comfortable in stressful times. However, this works only if you are aware of the present. The easiest way to get there is pretty easy: Just consult the watch.

The ticking arm candy belongs on the wrist like the sunglasses do on your nose. They are both no life essentials but they are practical companions on which you pay a lot of attention. Have you ever thought about how much you look at your watch per day? Thereof, half of the glances may be unconscious and the rest of them you really use to check the time. Nevertheless, the chance to actually care about what really occurs at this point of time is quite small.

The stylish balance

Think of all the happenings, which are currently going on for a second. Somewhere a person is blowing out his birthday candles, another one is proposing to his great love and there is definitely one frustrated guy who is sitting in his office. With over seven billions of human beings all over the world, there are lot of events taking place. Whether one wants to or not, this makes our lives pretty hectic. This is why a watch like the one from SKAGEN gives your everyday life a constant structure. It doesn’t mean you have to plan every single minute of your day. Sometimes, a reminder that you have this steady 24hrs routine is all you need. As this balance of some calmness never gets out of style, the watch will always be a timeless accessory.

Just like this, the striped pattern and the denim jacket are everlasting occupants of your wardrobe. Basically, they go with almost every outfit. So whenever you are in the mood for an anti-stress look, you are totally right if you pair the classics with a delicate wristwatch. It’s time to take a break.

Outfit details: 

Watch and Bracelet SKAGEN / Striped top ZARA / Denim Jacket MANGO / Palazzo pants ZARA / Shoes ZARA (similar)

Photographed by Judith & Daniel

In collaboration with Skagen Denmark