Why to join #TeamKarl

A T-Shirt is not always a T-Shirt. Sometimes, it’s a statement which shows the attitude of the person who is wearing it. One of those examples is the #TeamKarl tee from Karl Lagerfeld x Steven Wilson – not only because it’s a special edition. It’s the hashtag, which really makes the difference.

When it comes to Karl Lagerfeld, it’s hard to talk about everything he is famous for. Apart from his work as a fashion photographer and a film producer, he’s obviously one of the most important fashion designers. At Chanel he does Ready-to-Wear and Haute Couture, with Silvia Fendi he designs the collections for Fendi and on top he has his own Label ‘Karl Lagerfeld’ which has a womenswear, menswear and kids line. In total, Karl designs 16 collections per year. In between, the workaholic might have some time for cuddling his one and only cat Choupette and answering questions from journalists in a quick-witted manner.

The Karl Spirit

This is Karl. His self-ironic personality also shows up in his own label by making his head with big black shades and a tight ponytail to a signature logo. However, what does it really mean to join #TeamKarl? Basically, everyone can wear this tee but it only makes sense if the message is understood.

The simple but powerful hashtag is all about expressing self-confidence with your outfit. Wearing this T-Shirt means you are part of a team. The other players might be located all over the world and you won’t know them all but this is what the international brand stands for. Everyone is unique but in the end, we all stand together. #TeamKarl shows the importance of appreciating individual characters but also one attribute, which all should have in common: self-irony.

Are you ready to join the team?

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Photographed by and with JOSEPHINE ROY – Check out her lovely blog LITTLE DISCOVERY GIRL