Hey Honey, Let’s Work Out

It gets you in shape, it’s a great way to take a break from those to-do lists and – most important – it makes you feel good: the perfect workout. With this fitness post a long planned topic finally gets real. Apparently, a daily practice really makes the difference and this is why it’s time to roll out your yoga or gymnastics mat, fill up a bottle of water and get ready for the 12 exercises of the first Carmitive Pilates & Yoga Workout – before we start sweating though, let’s focus on the essentially good-looking workout outfit.

Whether you like to do cardio, HIIT workouts, Pilates or to use weights – the right training gear is key and it’s definitely an extra motivator. However, such as there are various types of sports, so are different sportswear brands. This is why it’s the easiest thing to compare the different pieces first. One option to get a diverse overview is checking out the online shopping platform AboutYou. Here is a little hint: you will find this combo from Hey Honey, which is available in various designs too. 🙂

After your outfit is all set, let’s get the Carmitive workout started! While doing the following Pilates and yoga exercises, it’s very important to breath and to concentrate on your abs – keep your core tucked under and squeezed in throughout the class. Because after all, every movement is much more effective if you give your body enough oxygen and feel centered. For this reason, the workout starts with a series of Squad Wings right after a short warm up. Overall, the routine consists of exercises, which activate your total body. With some Yoga poses at the end, you should feel grounded, stable and strong from head to toe.

Outfit details: 

Sportsbra HEY HONEY / Leggings HEY HONEY / Trainers NIKE

Photographed by ELLI FOT – Instagram GAZELLELLI

In friendly collaboration with ABOUTYOU.