Home is where your Hamam is

Oriental scents and a calm feeling in your own hammam oasis at home. It’s not only your skin, which will be glad about the treatments of Rituals but also your mind. The five-step session always reminds you of the importance of taking a break from time to time.

Whether you had a stressful schedule of appointments, exhausting exams or just a hectic day – your body needs the possibility to relax before it can be productive again. Of course, browsing through magazines or having a coffee with your best friend can be a good diversion. However, sometimes all you need is some silence and pure relaxation. It’s when it’s time to learn from our good friends, the Romans and Osmans of 1450. Back then they already knew that your skin only could be soft and healthy if your soul is stress-free too. Thanks to those folks, we have maintained the hamam rituals until today. Nevertheless, time is often too short to go to a special spa. Therefore, it’s a lot easier to just have your wellness session at home. The following five steps will make you feel like you’ve just had a bath in lovely Marrakech.

Now it’s time for your hamam-break – don’t forget to increase the easing oriental vibes with some candles and flowers.


Outfit details: 

Bathing suit AVANT PREMIERE (similar) / Shorts ASOS

The Ritual of Hamam products in collaboration with RITUALS and HOTELPLAN

Photographed by Judith