Makeup Class – How to get the perfect Wing with MAC Cosmetics

Sometimes, one small line can make a difference. When it comes to eyeliners, this is definitely the case. Even though the makeup enhancement looks very easy, there is always a little insecurity in the air – is the line long enough and does it look equal on both lids? The good thing is, once you know how to do your eyeliner right, it will get super easy. This means it’s high time for the Carmitive x MAC Cosmetics Makeup Class!

First, let’s say thank you to the girls of the ancient Egypt. Over 5000 years ago, they came up with the idea to draw a dark black line around their eyes. Back then, it was not only for aestethic reasons but also because the black color protected their skin from the sun while they were strolling outside their pyramids.

Luckily, the idea of our old friends has survived until today. Apparently, the sunblock function has been replaced by different sun lotions and sunglasses but the black finish around the eyes is still one of the classiest makeup looks. You can even vary on the wing shapes, line variations and choose your favorite texture. However, whether you go for a liquid, a kohl or a gel eyeliner, the technique stays the same. Just follow the 9 steps of the tutorial and get your perfect everyday wing.

After you have been through the Carmitive x MAC Cosmetics Makeup Class, the last and most important step is to practice. Over time, it will get easier and easier and suddenly you will feel like a pro – or at least almost. 🙂 Just give it a try and feel like those old Egyptians did – beautiful and confident with an easy black line around their eyes.

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You are done! Now it’s time to feel good and confident with your classy everyday makeup.


Photographed by ELLI FOT – Instagram GAZELLELLI

In collaboration with MAC Cosmetics