Strawberry and Gingham Fun


They are red, sweet and delicious. Strawberries belong to the summer, like the gingham pattern does this season. Such as the checked must-haves are very versatile, there are various possibilities to enjoy strawberries. Whether you prefer them as raw fruits, in muesli, in a salad or in your jam jar – the red berries turn every meal into a yummy eye-catcher.

When it comes to spreads, strawberry jam is a classic. Usually, the homemade version is everyone’s favorite. This is why it’s also a great present because who doesn’t like to have a tasty breakfast or a brunch with a fruity jam? However, maybe you prefer muesli in the morning which means strawberries are THE toppings of the toppings. To prepare it in advance, just have a look at the Carmitive Muesli, grab a bottling jar and there you go.

Actually, strawberries don’t have to be sweet all the time. The aroma goes very well with salads too. Especially a chickpea salad is perfect for on the go and it’s easy to prepare. So when you don’t need your jar for your marmalade or a breakie, let’s put in some chickpeas.

Whichever recipe you like the most, why not keep the jars as versatile as their content. With some labeled signs and ribbons, you can keep those glasses a bit stylish and very unique. At the same time, ribbons give your gingham top that little something. So ultimately, it’s all about combining the strawberries and the current summer trend in your very own special way.

Enjoy your meal and happy styling!

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Outfit and Utensil Details:

Gingham top MANGO / Shorts TOPSHOP / Slides EGO 

Bottling jars with decoration and strawberry picnic planket TCHIBO

In collaboration with TCHIBO.CH

Photographed by Daniel