Blue Talks

“You cannot not communicate.” Mister Paul Watzlawick, a famous communications theorist, was pretty right when he said this sentence some years ago. Because whether you are talking or not, there is a statement behind every action. Even though words might be the most obvious means to express oneself, clothes can show a very similar effect. However, just as people have to become aware of the way they speak, it’s important to know the basics about the language of clothes.

The cool color

When it comes to outfits, the first thing usually to notice is the color. The look of this post is all about blue tones. While they remind of the sky and the deep ocean, blue stands for a clear stability, truth and harmony. Due to the touches of white, the outfit gets even softer and cleaner. The lace top might look nervous at first sight but it is actually very structured due to the repetitive pattern. This is why the combination of the long plain shirtdress and the short white shorts is a balance itself. The resulting impression makes the outfit suitable for busy days when you want to relax yourself in between appointments. At the same time, it’s the perfect combo if you just want to match it your look to your current mood.

The message

After analyzing the story behind blue for a second, it gets obvious why it’s one of the most loved colors all over the world. There hasn’t been a season in which blue was not part of the collections. Apparently, people are constantly in need of a reminder to calm down from time to time. Especially in uncertain times, a touch of blue, which spreads positive harmony is important. So why not take blue just as a nice color for an everyday outfit but set a statement as well. Just clear your mind and communicate with your words as clearly as with your outfit. Ultimately, already the good mister Watzlawick knew that nobody can walk away from conversations anyway.

Outfit detais: 

Lace top EDITED THE LABEL / Shirtdress ZARA (similar) / Shorts HOLLISTER / Sandals ASOS (similar)

Photographed by ROMANA HUBER – Check out her blog FOURAWAY