To the Max

Just keep it long – the maxi dress definitely belongs to the summer favorites this season. The following five reasons prove that the long variation of the summer dress is a fashion statement on one hand and a positive life motivation on the other hand.

1. Nothing to hide

During those hot days, there is nothing better than a cool summer breeze. Sometimes, the wind can be pretty strong though. However, if you are wearing a maxi dress, those sorrows about an inconvenient upwind are literally blown away. If there is still a real gust, you just go for the ladylike reaction à la Marilyn Monroe.

2. Easy breezy

Say goodbye to the hours-long decisions about the matching top and trousers. Just grab your maxi dress, some simple accessories and there you go. Regarding the shoes, just keep an eye on the perfect length of the dress. If you are a little too short for the dress, go for some high heels. The other way around, it’s rather unsuitably to lift your heels up if the hem of the dress just reaches your ankles.

3. In the air

One deciding point is the material of the maxi dress. Usually, it’s a fabric, which is similar to cotton or viscose. This is how the dress gets a light and airy silhouette.

4. Chic and cool

Luckily, long dresses are very versatile and they can be styled individually. While the colorful printed versions are perfect for an everyday outfit, the simple and elegant ones can be worn for a chic dinner. In the end, everything is about the combination. You can either wear the dress with a casual styling for university, or with some chic accessories to your next date.

5. All to the max

Even though the maxi dress implicates lots of benefits itself, you can enhance the total look with a little something. This is when it is all about creativity! For example, you can wrap the ribbon around your neck instead of your waist. As a replacement, just wear a belt to accentuate a tailored silhouette. The various possibilities to combine the maxi dress definitely show that it is worth it to think outside the box from time to time. This is not true for the styling of a certain dress only but for life situations in general, when you have to stand to your opinion and keep reaching for the optimal solution.

With these five thoughts in mind, you are ready to look for your perfect maxi dress, which fits your very own personal look. The chance is even high to find more of them. At least there is no maximal limitation thanks to a very wide selection of different designs. Let’s think big!


Outfit details:

Dress FOREVER 21 (similar) / Belt ZIGN / Sandals STEVE MADDEN

Photographed by TIANYANG LI from LSROMANTIC