Core Changes

Fitness, strength and shape – those terms have become quite relevant to today’s healthy lifestyle. As working out doesn’t only mean to do push-ups and press-ups, it’s important to focus on the inner muscle groups as well. In the long term, core work will pay off for sure.

For a better feeling

Life is what you make it. Actually, this motto can easily be adapted to exercising too. In general, you can choose between a work out that keeps you in shape and a training that makes you feel good in your total body. Speaking of a healthy and balanced way of life, the second option definitely makes more sense. Why should you sweat yourself off and spend a lot of time in the gym or on the yoga mat if you don’t feel great afterwards? The good thing is, some easy Pilates exercises will help to activate the specific muscles. Just incorporate some of them into your usual work out and feel the difference afterwards.

 Core Announcement

Just as some new movements make a training routine more exciting, some core changes are overcoming In one week, on the 20th of August, the fresh design will be ready, containing new categories and cool extras. Of course, the main idea of a positive minded fashion blog will stay the same because – just as mentioned above – it’s about what happens in the inside. So stay tuned and give those Pilates core moves a try until Carmitive is back on track in one week!

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In friendly collaboration with Gorilla Sports

Outfit details: 

Sports Bra and Shorts both from GORILLA SPORTS

Equipment from GORILLA SPORTS

Photographed by Judith / Setting and exercise inspiration by Pascale Camele