Good Muesli Morning

There are good mornings and there are very good mornings. The second ones usually contain yummy breakfasts. So why should not every day start perfectly? With some easy tricks you can always enjoy a delicious homemade muesli – even if you are on the go in a busy bus ride.

Fresh granola, yogurt and fruits. Actually, it’s no rocket science to mix those ingredients all together. Nevertheless, the preparation can be quite time consuming, especially in the morning when every minute is precious. This is why it’s all about the right planning in advance: overnight oats are a great possibility to safe some time.

One easy recipe is the Berry-Muesli To Go. First things first, mix some fresh berries and one tsp. of lemon juice in a bowl. Then, fill up a glass with layers of yogurt, granola, honey and berries. Afterwards, close the glass airtight and leave it in the fridge overnight – enjoy it in the morning.

Well, the level excitement about your muesli can even be increased if you just make the granola yourself. It’s super easy plus you can add in all the ingredients you really like. So as soon as you have about 20 minutes of spare time – probably the ones you safe with the overnight muesli – let’s give it a try. All you need is a big baking plate on which you spread the mixture of oats and seeds of your choice. Mix it with two tbsp. of butter and one tsp. of cinnamon. To sweeten up the granola, add in some honey and vanilla. Ultimately, roast the granola in the oven for 15-20 minutes while stirring it three times. Depending on the taste, you can even pimp up your final granola with some goji berries, coconut seeds or cacao nibs. Just get creative and have yourself a very perfect muesli moment everyday.

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Photographed by Judith

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