September Editorial: New York State of Mind

Big, hectic, impressive and unique – there are a lot of things said about New York City. After visiting the Big Apple once, I felt like everyone has different expectations. After all, you can only find out for yourself, what this city really means to you. Nonetheless, it’s always going to be the place where it seems like every dream can come true. Hence, the vibrant mood of the city on the American East Coast is exactly what today’s society should feel a bit more.

Here’s a short explanation for the new CARMITIVE category Monthly Editorial. From now on, every month is going to have a leading Carmitopic, which will influence every post in another way. At the beginning, there will be an editorial – the thing you’re currently reading – on which you can always rely on for the upcoming four weeks.

So basically, there are two reasons which made New York the ideal inspiration for this September topic. Besides the motivation kick that our society definitely needs, the whole fashion world is waiting for the New York Fashion Week to start. Oh and there is a third reason as well: My co-editor Vivian and I are travelling to New York for Fashion Week – yes, I am officially excited!

Let's go!

Well, you better stay tuned for lots of posts, which will make you feel like you are running errands on 5th Avenue yourself – or are maybe you more up for a walk through Williamsburg in Brooklyn? Don’t worry the CARMITIVE Crew is going to provide you inspirations which are as diverse as the various clichés and characteristics New York stands for.

After the CARMIFY Playlist has already prepared you musically, it’s now time for some outfit inspiration. Actually, this might not look like a typical New York combo at first – but the all-white look stands for a blank page, which is about to get as colorful and exciting as the city that never ever sleeps. Let's get ready for the New York State of Mind!

With love, Carmen and the CARMITIVE CREW

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Photographed by Romana Huber from FOURAWAY

Layout by Angela & Carmen

In collaboration with DOSENBACH SHOES