Think Big

We all have goals, we reach for them and sooner or later they are achieved. Welcome to the brand new Carmitive website.

In 2015, the first post on Carmitive went online. Since then, I have enjoyed writing every single article. It has been a journey during which I learned a lot about myself but also about fashion and what happiness really stands for. In the end, it’s what you make out of every situation. So I understood that I want to grow with Carmitive and make every of your visits a special one.

Starting today, the structure is more composed like a magazine. This means: extended categories, an updated schedule with a main topic each month and – very important – new editors. I am happy to announce that five girls have joined the Carmitive Crew. You will meet Aline, Eva, Rossella and Vivian every Friday, when they write for their category. Moreover, Angela will make sure that every post has its killer layout.

This whole process also made me think about the philosophy of Carmitive. Since the very beginning, I wanted it to be a positive minded platform, which motivates to an individual style. After two years, I am still convinced that today’s society needs more optimism and that fashion has to be explained to everyone. It’s not just about clothes. Fashion represents our world and it belongs to every part of our lives – and you don’t have to be a model or shopaholic for that. So yes, Carmitive got a total makeover, but none of the original values are lost – they just got company of new ones.

Well, with this post I wanted to introduce you to the new Carmitive world. At the same time, this fresh start symbolizes the power of every passion. If you believe in something, do everything to achieve it. No dream is too crazy or too unreal – to the contrary, even the wildest dreams can come true. If you think big you will get bigger one day and together we can be the biggest ever.

Thank you for being part of the Carmitive Community.

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With all my love, Carmen



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