Pasta, gelato e dolce far niente. Italy has probably the highest standards when it comes to relaxing and enjoying every moment of life to the fullest. So unsurprisingly, it belongs to the most popular vacation getaways. Apart from places like Rome, the Amalfi Coast or Sicily, there is a cute Tuscan island called Elba. So if you are already planning your next trip or you just want to broaden your travel bucket list, here is your Six Step Travel Guide for Elba.

#1 Beach Session

Thinking of the perfect summer vacation, a beautiful beach is definitely a must. Since Elba is an island, it has got several possibilities where you can take a dip into the azure blue ocean. Whether you prefer sandy or rocky shores, the several 'spiaggas' will have you covered. One place where the clear ocean is particularly enjoyable is at Capo Bianco – a white stony beach up in the north of the island (see more impressions on Instagram).

#2 Explore and Enjoy

Of course, there are not only different beaches to explore. Let’s say you got your tan session for the day and are about to see a bit more of the 224km2 island. The cute villages on every corner really spread those real dolce vita vibes and you will find delicious 'Pasticcerias' (Cafés which produce their own sweet pastries) in every corner.

Get the look:

#3 Shoes, shoes, shoes

Yes, Italians know how to make women happy:  with shoes of course. As you are strolling in the alleys of Elba, which are – a bit clichéd – connected by clothesline ropes, you cannot miss the various shops. Also, Zaras or H&MS won’t distract you anywhere because they just don’t exist on the pretty island. So if you are looking for unique pieces, Elba is definitely your place.


Speaking of shoes, make sure to wear a comfy pair while roaming in the streets of Elba. It might make your shopping tour even more successful. 

#4 Capoliveri

As mentioned before, there are a lot of charming villages all over the island. However, one of them you cannot miss out. This is why you should better take a note of the village of Capoliveri. It's located up in the hills of Elba and it offers you one of the most breathtaking views. As it’s sometimes a bit touristy, it makes sense to have a look at the restaurants before. Otherwise you might end up at a too overpriced and overcrowded place.


The Koala Restaurant with its relaxed atmosphere is located a bit farer away of the center of Capoliveri. It’s the ideal place if you are very hungry, you want some good food and you are curious how Australian vibes meet Italian specialties.

Get the look: 

#5 Daydreams and Ice Creams

Actually, there is always a reason for ice cream. However, it becomes a must as soon as you can eat some of the best 'gelatos' ever. A good ice cream belongs to a well-spent Italian day anyway. So in the end, it doesn’t matter whether you treat yourself during the day – it’s when you should eat your ice cream very fast, otherwise it will melt down all over your hand – or after a yummy dinner. The refreshing deliciousness will make you forget all your worries for a moment. That’s why two ice creams are even better than one.

#6 More Food and Happiness

Just because eating may be one of your main activities on vacation, here’s another Restaurant tip. Divided in two parts, il Ristorante La Caletta near Porto Azzurro offers you an exquisite menu with local seafood but it's an excellent pizzeria at the same time. An important feature, which both areas have in common, is the perfect sunset view – the pink sky will make your food and your whole vacation even more enjoyable for sure.

Text by Carmen

Photographed by Daniel & Judith

Layout by Angela & Carmen