Beauty: All or Nothing

Sweet and floral or fresh and intensive – a fragrance often tells as much about a person as an outfit does. Therefore, the “invisible” accessory is the final touch for every look while it emphasizes the actual character. However, the latest Calvin Klein perfume is not meant for just one type only but for ALL of us. So you guessed it, there is a special message behind the refreshing scent.

Yes we love them, the simple white T-shirts, the all-rounder blue jeans – and of course, the comfy underwear. Since Calvin Klein was founded almost 50 years ago, it has always stood for minimalism, clarity and American casualness. The same-named designer hit the mark just because simplicity never gets out of style. Therefore, the brand has stood true its principles until today. With Raf Simons, who was named as Creative Director in 2016, the brand got another man who knows how to transform those values into fashion. With his own approach, he unites the traditions of the New Yorker label with a classical playfulness and a pinch of zeitgeist.

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The Splash Effect

Nevertheless, also Calvin Klein knew by his time, that clothes only are not enough. This is why the style of the brand has also been reflected in the various fragrances. After the 1994 launched perfume “One” hinted at the individuality of every person, the latest release called “All”, actually goes the opposite way. Actually, the slogan says it all: “Be one. Be all. Just be.” Just like that, the white bottle with its citrus infused fragrance calls us to stand up for equality and democracy: It’s for ALL of us. This message seems to fit pretty good into those days, as more and more countries cloister themselves away and start to do their own thing. You can definitely call it a paradox behavior, if you have the opinion that the world should stand together especially in times like these. Therefore, everyone – whether female or male, playful or pragmatic, spontaneous or well ordered – could benefit of a splash of the fresh perfume.

How to be ALL

As easy as that, an “invisible” companion becomes a real statement fragrance. Actually, it doesn’t matter whether you wear it with the typical Calvin Klein basics, with a more striking outfit or with a neon pink bathing suit. What counts is the awareness of the scent. After ALL, it’s not only a treat for our society, but for everyone’s self-confidence. 



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