NYFW: Recap & Hotspot Tips

What do four days of New York Fashion Week look like? Busy, that’s for sure. However, it’s definitely worth every second. While spotting inspiring people everywhere, the shows are the ultimate highlights of the day. Nevertheless, you cannot stay in the Big Apple without any sightseeing – and good food of course. Here’s a recap of the happenings to remember, places to see and spots to eat which the CARMITIVE crew loved during the time in New York City.

The Fashion Shows: Katty Xiomara

There are some things, you will probably never forget. Attending the first show at New York Fashion Week is definitely one of them. Especially, when the collection is a combination of light spring vibes, soft colors and fluid silhouettes. In the halls of the Pier 59 Studios, Katty Xiomara showed how the confident woman with a propensity for girly designs is going to be dressed next spring. The Portugal based designer embraced a romantic mood, which was enhanced by soft ruffles such as floral prints. Whether looking at the bright colors or the classy all-black combos, the collection somehow dropped a tiny hope that winter will pass by as fast as possible.

Credit – Ugo Camera Photography

The Fashion Shows: Timo Weiland

They are a creative team on the rise. Timo Weiland, Alan Eckstein and Donna Kang launched the brand Timo Weiland in 2010. Since then, they have been famous for American classics such as modern prep inspired pieces with a playful twist for the perfect eclectic combinations. At the show hosted by Kia STYLE360, the New York based brand not only presented its Fall/Winter designs for this season but also the "Momentum by Timo Weiland" collection, which has exclusively been designed for team of the InterContinental Group's Crowne Plaza Hotels & Resorts. Both of collections showed the aesthetics for minimalism, clear lines and diverse fabric choices such as cord or velvet. So, whether you are a member of the Crowne Plaza staff or not – you can definitely bring some Timo Weiland spirit into your wardrobe anyway.

Credit – Getty Images

The Fashion Shows: Miguel Vieira

It started with a soft femininity and it ended up with a strong Little Black Dress finale. Yes you could say, Miguel Vieira told a little story with his collection for spring/summer 18. After the main attention was on the white lace and flower applications at the beginning, the details were transformed into clear lined metallic prints, asymmetrical cuts and bold accentuated shoulder silhouettes. The second part of the collection really was all about a strong woman (and man, as the menswear collection was presented simultaneously). The different black materials with clear tailoring all represented the values Portuguese brand, which stand for simple elegance and confident glamour – and please have a look at those fantastic shoes!

Credit – Ugo Camera Photography

The Food: Little Collins

You might have to wait a few minutes before being seated – but you won’t regret it. The small coffee is located in Midtown Manhattan near 5th Avenue and the places you want to see anyway. So before heading to the Modern Museum of Art or strolling through Central Park, treat yourself with a yummy breakfast or a quick lunch at Little Collins.

CarmiTipp of the Menu:

Avocado Toast & The Muze Muesli

The Food: By Chloe

It happens for a reason that By Chloe is one of the most hyped restaurants around New York City. Apart from delicious breakfast options, the vegan menu offers a bunch of creative salads, burgers and smoothies – oh, and cupcakes of course. Also, don’t forget to have yourself some beet ketchup or chipotle aioli sauce; they make the perfectly styled food even more enjoyable.

CarmiTip of the Menu:

The Classic Burger, Avocado Toast (with green apple!) & The Greek Salad

The Food: The Juice Shop

Nothing beats a refreshing cold pressed juice in between shows or sightseeing. The various options at The Juice Shop will have you covered for sure. Apparently, they also offer breakfast and healthy lunch options, which are worth a try. So if you are not in the mood for one of the variable Açai bowls you can go for a toasts or a colorful veggie bowl for instance.

CarmiTip of the Menu:

Mind over Matter Smoothie & Mr. AB&C Açai Bowl


The Hotspots: Brooklyn Bridge

Imagine yourself after the arrival at the J.F. Kennedy Airport. You grab a yellow cab and it starts to approach the center of New York City while crossing the great Brooklyn Bridge. In the background, “Empire State of Mind” of Alicia Keys is playing. Well, it might happen that you feel a magical spark in this exact moment – it's that one and only New York vibe, enjoy it. 🙂 To appreciate the iconic bridge some more, you might head to the Brooklyn neighborhoods on the other side of the Hudson River and stroll around in the streets of Dumbo or Williamsburg – you might find some great photo spots as well!


Washington Street is famous for one of the best views of the Brooklyn Bridge. Whether you want to snap a quick selfie or shoot some great Instagram pics, the street next to the Brooklyn Bridge Park is the perfect place for capturing your New York memories.

The Hotspots: Carrie Bradshaw's Stoop

66 Perry Street, West Village. Don’t skip this iconic entrance if you are a Sex and City lover. In the 94 episodes and both of the movies, Sarah Jessica Parker alias Carrie Bradshaw walked in and out of this door – always perfectly dressed and in the hurry to find her love. Apparently, a lot of key scenes all happened in front of those steps. Just remember season six, when Carrie told Big she’s finally moving to Paris and he should forget her name. So, as soon as you are walking down the calm and peaceful street in the cute neighborhood (which is not located in the Upper Eastside as its displayed in the story), you definitely can’t help yourself to wallow in some dramatic and beautiful reminisces.

Well, 96 hours pass by way faster than expected. Nevertheless, those activities prove that you can experience a lot of exciting things in only a few days. And as these spots are just a small amount of all the things which are waiting for you in the city that – literally – never sleeps, there is always a reason to go back. Let’s share your favorite places in the comments. So the next time you’ll find yourself in the Big Apple, you enjoy your exclusive CarmiTour through New York City.

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