October Editorial: 24/Social

We like, we share and we connect – Facebook, Instagram and Co. are a part of our everyday lives. Probably, we would all agree that people are tapping around on their smartphones ‘all the time’. However, how many hours are we really hanging out on Instagram and how does this so-called social media life really affect our real life? The several answers and approaches make it the perfect Monthly Topic of CARMITIVE – let’s get in the mood for 24/social.

She has the biggest crowd of them all: Selena Gomez stays unbeaten with 127 M. people who are following her in the world of Instagram. Ariana Grande and Christiano Ronaldo, who are all surprisingly no bloggers or so-called entrepreneurs, follow the American singer.  Selena is the biggest influencer in the digitally connected community and she could earn a lot of money with only posting a simple picture. Nevertheless she reminds us in a recent statement in the online-magazine Business of Fashion, that social media is actually not that easy to handle: “The biggest challenge nowadays is separating what you see on your phone from what’s in your life.” Thinking about this sentence for a second, makes you questioning whether we really want to measure our love by comments and likes. Do we really want to put the feed before the actual personality? Of course, the pictures of a profile can tell a lot about the person or brand – but it’s definitely not always as real as it seems, especially in times when you can buy followers and likes as you would do your usual online shopping.

So even though thoughts like these will be covered in the upcoming posts of October, the CARMITIVE CREW also wants to show you how amazing and exciting social media is. Just think of the styling inspiration, the tips for your next holidays or the new friends you can make. Furthermore, there are numerous music talents who made their way from YouTube to Spotify. Social media is really just about finding the right balance – and I think we can figure it out together in the next four weeks.

With love, Carmen and the CARMITIVE CREW

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