Trendy Tuesday: Today’s Space Age

Why wait until tomorrow when you can have it already now? In fashion, the future has become pretty relative. The designers reflect the current zeitgeist while getting inspired from creations of former couturiers. The result for this fall/winter 17 season: metallic, glittery and shiny fabrics, which show that the trends of today are always linked to future and the past.

Let’s hop back to the 60s for a second. It was the decade of vibrant imaginations about the future and of course, people waited until someone of the NASA – or eventually a guy from the ex-Soviet Union – would finally make it to the moon. This vibe was adapted by fashion immediately – with great success. One example was André Courrèges who was the hero at his time after presenting a space inspired collection.

More Future is left

Well, more than 50 years have passed since then and now we’re in 2017. Our friends the astronauts are hanging out on the moon from time to time, technology is somewhere beyond most of our imaginations and we are living in a world in which the likes and comments on Instagram are a deciding “currency”. So what are we doing with this future, which is still left over? Can it be even more new and innovative? Maybe the answer is hidden in the latest collections of Alessandro Michele at Gucci, Maria Grazia Chiuri at Dior or our dearest Karl Lagerfeld at Chanel.

With their sparkling creations and prints of the outer space it seems like they would act “similar” to their forerunner Mister Courrèges. Nevertheless, the Nasa printed jackets from Coach are not copies at all but a reinterpretation of today’s mood which is all about exploring our universe and make this world a better planet. This means, what those collections really stand for is that every step forward is somehow linked to the past – and that’s totally fine. After all, the things we have already achieved will help and inspire us today such as they do in the future.

So, are you ready to liftoff? The good thing is, there are various ways for how to integrate some space age into your wardrobe. This means, the trend can easily be styled depending on the current mood of the day. Whether you choose a more fancy or classy version – the spirit of optimism is coming along your way with every outfit.

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Text by Carmen

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