Trendy Tuesday: The Corduroy-Express

Not a long time ago, corduroy was marked as outdated. In this fall/winter season however, the supposed “grandpa material” makes the ultimate comeback. Apparently, it was more than a spontaneous mood of the designers that several of them took a ride on the “corduroy-express”. Actually, they set a clear statement for our society.

Goodbye Prejudges

A plate of cookies is placed on the table, grandpa ensconces himself in the armchair while he's telling adventurous stories from back in the days. Ultimately, a look on his outfit  makes this situation complete: grandpa is wearing his beloved checked shirt and – of course – some beige corduroy trousers. Well, as likely as this could be reality, as clearly this prejudice now belongs to history. Suddenly, the armchair in the living room has become the runway of the fashion designers in New York, London, Milan and Paris. For this fall/winter season, corduroy plays a decisive role. Apparently, Marc Jacobs, Prada and Co. do not only set a trend, but they represent our zeitgeist in a modern way. Don't be surprised, the solid corduroy really fits perfectly into today’s international situation.

How it all began

Before classifying the current collections properly, it makes sense to look back in history for a second. We are in Manchester in the 18th century: Corduroy gets manufactured in big amounts – thanks to the Industrial Revolution. The material with lengthwise ribs happens to be popular around craftsmen very quickly because of its tear strength. However, the fabric first has its fashion awakening in the liberal 70s, when the intellectuals want to separate themselves from the rest of society. For the first time, women wore jackets, skirts and even shirts made out of corduroy as it symbolized the confident emancipation movement. In addition, there are some further advantages to appreciate: corduroy keeps you warm, you can move comfortably and it is – as grandpa still knows it – just very cozy. Those attributes represent the comeback in today’s insecure and politically instable days: it gives you a secure feeling and it definitely stands for democratically equality.

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Click on the products in the picture to shop them directly. 

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Simplicity is Key

Back to the runways of the fashion metropolises. Unsurprisingly, also Marc Jacobs was aware of the corduroy actuality for his fall/winter 17/18 collection. When he presented the looks in New York on February 16, his guests first found themselves in the big Armony Hall, which was empty except of two rows of folding chairs. The same simplicity was present in the fashion show: no music and even though of the surprising smartphone ban – or maybe exactly because of that – the full concentration was on the presented collection, which was especially about corduroy. Of course, Jacobs knew how to make the material everything but outdated. The modern twist could be found in the combination of the looks: oversized jackets with mini skirts and over-the-knee boots – optionally with bold gold chains around the neck. Well, those combos may not be the first choices of our sweet grandpas.

As mentioned before, several designers have joined the “cord-express”. Miuccia Prada even proved that the material can be chic and elegant. The color palette of beige, burgundy and chocolate brown was found in the combinations of bikini tops and clear-cut corduroy blazers and flares. The resulting theme of the collection represented the femininity of the former craftsmen material. As usual, Prada wanted to make a political statement with it. According to the designer, she wanted to motivate women to decide themselves whether they want to appear sporty, cool or sexy. “We are still here”, she pointed out after the show.

Well, are you already in the mood to hop onto the “corduroy-express”? At least you have definitely enough options to style the trendy material. For more inspiration, have a look at Etro, Tory Burch or the Trendy Tuesday inspiration. 🙂 So even though the designers all showed different approaches to incorporate corduroy into their work, the basic idea stays the same: everyone should be reminded of the individual strengths, which get the perfect outer wrapping with some solid corduroy key pieces.

Text by Carmen

Layout by Angela